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ATP Digital Bacteria Meter
CryoCIP ATP Weight net 300 grams Quickswap system where the system gives a result within 10 seconds, you get an answer on how many bacteria are in...
kr9,232.00 Price
CIP 8000 - Steam cleaner
Dry steam machine for professional use. 180 ° C with a pressure of 10 bar. 3 Different positions, plus the addition of blended chemical soap.
kr15,999.96 Price
CIP Air mover 1900 - til leje
CIP Air Mover 1900 - 230V - Luftblæser, bruges til at flytter fugtet luft fra fugtige område til luften, hvor luften hurtigere bliver ført igennem...
kr48.00 Price
Coldjet Adapter (TM33)
Adapter Cold Jet, has a dimension that fits on a Cold Jet dryer, and can be connected to the CryoCIP TM 33 system. more closely, the adapter fits...
kr669.60 Price
Fladdyse (TM33)
Flat nozzle 40x5 is an extra CO2 powder mix nozzle specially developed to withstand -78 gr. And mix with additives blowing agents.
kr7,996.00 Price
Runddyse Ø15 (TM33)
Round nozzle Ø15 X 45X1.5 must be connected to tm33 adapter. used to mix CO2 and LAVA. With it, a CO2 mix is made with LAVA
kr2,959.20 Price